How was I selected to get an application?
Based on data collected from MU records, you appear to meet the eligibility requirements.

How am I compensated?
In the McNair Scholars Program, you are paid for completing your research project or scholarly activity and participating in the program. We do not pay you via financial aide. Talk with a staff member for more information

Is this a scholarship?
No, a scholarship implies there is no service for the money given. McNair Scholars put in hours on their research projects or scholarly activity.

Will the payment effect my financial aid?
The payment is paid as if the student were an employee and is not made through the financial aid office.

Does it matter what my major is?
No. McNair Scholars can come from any discipline.

Do I have to attend graduate school at MU?
No. McNair Scholars apply to and are accepted by graduate schools all over the nation.

What are some of the resources available to McNair Scholars?
Resource library (graduate catalogs, financial aid resource books, books on writing papers and personal statements, and internship opportunities), personal computers, Microsoft software, Graduate Record Exam PowerPrep software, typewriter, scanner, color printer, fax machine.

Is it ok to enroll in a problems course or senior capstone course for my McNair research or scholarly activity?
Yes, if the department agrees.

What are some of the things McNair Scholars get FREE?
Transcripts to send to graduate schools, GRE and graduate school application fee reduction waivers. Scholars are eligible for McNair fellowships at universities all over the nation. In addition, computers are available for use during the program.

Is it worth my time?
Yes, the program saves students time by teaching them the “ins and outs” of the graduate admissions process and helping them know about funding opportunities. Having a “leg up” when getting to graduate school by having research and presentation skills is a big advantage.

Do I have a chance of getting selected?
Yes. Based on previous applicant pools, students have a 1 in 3 or a 1 in 4 chance of becoming a McNair Scholar.

Does it matter if I have already done or intend to do research in such programs as the Life Sciences or Undergraduate Research Mentorship programs?
No, research through another program can provide a head start for McNair research or provide an opportunity to work with several faculty mentors in different semesters.

Do I actually spend 10 hours a week with my mentor?
No, scholars meet with their mentor at least once a week and work independently for the rest of the time.

Do most McNair Scholars do the research internship during the academic year or the summer?
The academic year. This leaves an opportunity to do summer research under different programs.

What does it mean to be an underrepresented group?
Underrepresented ethnic and racial groups are Black(non-Hispanic), Hispanic, and American Indian/Alaskan Native. The latter is to be documented as an enrolled member of a U.S. federally recognized American Indian tribe or Alaska Native Group, or possess one fourth degree (federally recognized) Indian blood prior to selection.